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Textile Installations

Unraveling Textile Installations.


ANGELES JACOBI (*1989, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Angeles Jacobi, an emerging artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, splits her time between Buenos Aires and Berlin. She discovered her unique approach to art through a simple mistake while embroidering—an error that led her to backtrack and unravel her work.

Fascinated by the act of unraveling, Jacobi now meticulously hand-produces textile installations that unravel themselves with the help of a motorised mechanism. Her chosen mediums are knitting and embroidery with a signature technique that gradually unveils her work, exposing hidden stories and symbols. 

Her art has been displayed in both solo and group exhibitions, earning her recognition. Notable among her exhibitions is the solo showcase ‘Sobre Limites y Fronteras’ at Uno + Uno in Buenos Aires, where her pieces resonated with viewers. Additionally, Jacobi’s distinct vision has secured her a place in the group show at Museo de la Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, as part of the esteemed Bienal Sur marking her as an emerging talent in the global art community. In 2024, she will participate in the Contextile Bienal in Guimaraes, Portugal, where she will also be doing a residency.

Her work opens questions about the relationship between tradition and new technologies, the importance of labor, the significance of art, and the ephemerality of being. Through her unraveling process, Jacobi invites viewers to explore the intricacies of life and contemplate the passage of time. By combining traditional textile techniques with contemporary methods, she bridges the past and the present and  weave together intimate narratives with broader existential themes, highlighting the temporary and ever-evolving nature of art and existence.


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