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Textile Installations

Unraveling Textile Installations.


About Limits & Boundaries is born from a desire to explore the tense relationship between the simple demarcations of a map and the complex human and emotional experiences contested within those limits.

Beyond cartography, there is a symbolic dimension of borders: a limit that reorders aspects of life such as time, space, behaviors, and desires.  It is an opening to change in the senses attributed to one's own and to others.  In this way, the bodies act as a border.  And like geographic borders, our bodies can be places of separation or meeting places, walled places where difference is a threat, or spaces for rich exchange and negotiation between worlds.

The works in this exhibition seek to dispense with the usual geographical, economic, demographic and political explanations to emphasize the representations, the meanings of life, of the world,

 of us and others.

Through textile installations that involve a transformative process, About Limits & Boundaries focuses our attention on ravelling and unraveling personal dimensions and built barriers.

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